The common faults and solutions for the tile press

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We will inevitably encounter such difficulties in one day or another in our daily life.

We will inevitably encounter such difficulties in one day or another in our daily life. How do we solve difficulties when we encounter difficulties? The use of the tile press is the same, the welder will also have a variety of errors in the process of use, but in the case of errors, we have to calm down to find a solution. Today, roll forming machine manufacturer will introduce you to some common faults and solutions for the tile press.

First, the pressing machine presses the color steel tile

Failure analysis: 1. The gap between the shaft and the shaft is too small; 2. The surface of the pressing wheel is rough; 3. The color plate is not painted properly; 4. The profile wheel has a zinc layer.

Solution: 1. Re-measure the gap between the upper and lower shafts and adjust them to appropriate; 2. Polish the pressing wheel with oil stone, and then apply it to the oil after smoothing; 3. Use a bending machine to test the board. If the paint is also missing, replace the color steel plate.

Second, the tile machine has a big tail and small tail phenomenon

Failure analysis: 1. The centers are not on the same line; 2. The gap size is different.

Solution: 1. Re-find the center, gap; 2. If the front is large and small, you can press down the first row of the axis and the second row. If the front is small and large, you can press the second row to the first row.

Third, there is a running phenomenon

Failure analysis: 1. The wall panel double layer roll forming machine‘s center roller is not correct; 2. The feed baffle is not perpendicular to the profiled shaft.

Solution: 1. Re-align the center roll to correct the center roll; 2. Adjust the deflection direction of the product as shown in the feed baffle and correct it.

Fourth, there is a phenomenon of hard analysis

Failure analysis: 1. The feeding frame is too high; 2. The first and second rows of shaft clearance are too small; 3. The material is too hard.

Solution: 1. Lower the loading rack; 2. Zoom in the first and second rows of shaft clearances; 3. Use the bending machine to measure the same problem with the color steel plate. Please replace the color steel plate.

Five, other fault

1. If the operating system malfunctions frequently during the use of the color steel roof tile forming machine, the way of performance can only be operated by using the manual gear, and a switched automatic gear will fail. The main solution is to jump the tension between the tension and the actual mechanical tension. If the adjustment cannot be made, the tension can be cleared and the button of the automatic gear is checked for damage.

2. The display is not displayed. It is also very common. It may be caused by the fuse being damaged or the voltage is unstable. If the voltage is less than 200V, the display will not be displayed.3. The reason why the oil pump will move the cutter is also caused by the stuck solenoid valve. The specific treatment method is to turn off the oil pump. Use the manual reset pin between the two ends of the screwdriver valve, first from the shallow end, then squat back and forth from both ends, until you feel elastic when you kneel down.

The above is the relevant content about the pressing machine shared with you. I hope that through the above content, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding of the pressing machine products.