Knowledge Of Cable Bridge Forming Machine

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How much do you know about Cable Bridge Forming Machine?

What should be paid attention to when using a cable bridge forming machine ?

For the staff participating in bridging, strict safety technical training and assessment shall be conducted before taking up their posts. Special operation personnel must hold relevant certificates. The bridge erection and installation personnel (crane loader, electrician, riveter, etc.) shall be subject to physical examination according to regulations, and shall not work until they are qualified. Drinking is strictly prohibited before work and you should keep enough sleep. All construction personnel entering the site must wear safety protection articles as required. Erection and installation of mechanical and electrical facilities (hoisting machinery, hoisting machinery, transportation machinery, etc.) shall be kept in good condition, with a high safety factor, and trial hoisting, trial operation, inspection, and brake test shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations. All indexes shall be qualified before use. The electrical equipment shall not be transmitted until it is well insulated. Special personnel shall be assigned to direct the bridge erection work on-site, and full-time safety personnel shall be assigned to supervise the whole process. beam erection is prohibited at night. Measures such as lightning protection, flood control, and sunstroke prevention shall be implemented according to the current national regulations and the corresponding management plan of the company. The upper and lower construction in the bridging operation shall be staggered, and tools and equipment shall be transferred downward and lifted upward. Squatter observation shall be strengthened and a corresponding system shall be established. It is strictly prohibited to erect beams in windy, thunderstorm and foggy weather.

Cable Bridge Forming Machine

How to choose a good cable bridge forming machine?

In terms of high operating cost and service life, it has a certain flexibility and can make full use of the spare position of the cable tray. The cable bridge forming machine can be laid together with the processing pipeline, exceeding the set value of the detector. When the device is expanded, the cable is laid in the air. Besides, the processing is also very convenient, is the best choice, can timely alarm, low operating costs. It has a long service life, good flexibility and economic benefits for mankind. In that case, it will be a good cable bridge forming machine.