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Cold roll forming machinery supplier today share the influence of the bending performance of the cold-formed steel beam-column bending joints of cable bridge forming machine, and hope to help everyone.

Cold roll forming machinery supplier today share the influence of the bending performance of the cold-formed steel beam-column bending joints of cable bridge forming machine, and hope to help everyone.

Cold-formed steel refers to steel sections of various sections in the form of steel sheets, steel sheets or flat steels which are rolled, stamped and bent. It is called a high-efficiency section steel by changing its cross-sectional shape and withstanding relatively large external loads with relatively few materials. The application of cold-formed steel, especially cold-formed thin-walled steel, is a significant economic benefit for load-bearing structures. Among them, cold-formed steel-plate combination systems are widely used. The beams and columns generally adopt H-sections composed of double-stranded C-shaped steels. The high-strength bolts are used to connect the hot-rolled steel gusset plates at the webs of the section, and each member of the joint is connected by only four high-strength bolts.

Since the beam-column joint is the core part of the steel structure transmission path, its connection performance directly affects the overall behavior of the whole structure. It has been found through experiments that this semi-rigid connection can better transmit the bending moment of adjacent members, and the construction technique is simple and widely used. However, only the connection performance and calculation formula of a single bolt are given in the Chinese specification, and the calculation method of the mechanical performance of the joint is not given. In this paper, the finite element program is used to simulate the connection form of nodes, and the influence degree of various factors on the stress of the nodes is analyzed to provide a basis for engineering design.

The versatility and practicality of finite elements and the popularity and development of computer applications. Since the mid-1960s, the speed, quantity and scale of finite element software development have been amazing, and various general and special finite element commercial software. In the thousands, in contrast, ANSYS is the most widely used, fully functional and mature large-scale commercial finite element analysis software. The advantages of ANSYS large-scale software are: high reliability, convenient and perfect pre- and post-processing functions, more sophisticated computing functions, powerful cell library, and strong nonlinear analysis.

All the simulated test pieces produced bolt slip when the maximum load was reached, indicating that it is unrealistic to realize the friction type connection of the high-strength bolts by the four-bolt-resistant bending joint of each member. Therefore, it is recommended that the bending-resistant joints of cold-formed steels should be designed according to the high-strength bolt pressure-type connection. Under the premise of ensuring certain conditions, it is also necessary to avoid excessive and prevent waste. Because the length of the cantilever beam is very short, and the initial eccentricity and initial defects are not considered, there is no lateral distortion and instability of the pad. Because the C-shaped steel and the slab thickness range are not extreme, the hole wall has a certain compression. Bearing capacity, there is no pressure damage on the wall of the hole. The test piece has yielded the gusset plate and should be avoided during design. The method is to increase the thickness of the gusset plate and increase the thickness of the gusset plate as an effective measure to prevent lateral distortion and instability.

Through the mathematical statistics method, the range difference under each index can be obtained, and the maximum difference of a column is the largest, indicating that the value of the column changes within the test range, and the variation of the test index value is maximized. It can be seen that the bolt diameter and the bolt spacing have the greatest influence on the slip load Pslip; and the maximum load Pmax is determined by the yield strength, thickness and section height of the C-shaped steel. If the C-section steel section material is determined, the bolt diameter has the greatest influence on the joint force performance, and the joint plate thickness has the greatest influence on the initial stiffness of the joint.

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