How to adjust the tile press correctly

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How to adjust the tile press correctly?

When our Steel Corrugated Roof Tile Forming Machine installed, how to debug it? Here to tell you how to correct debugging heavy duty storage rack roll forming machine:

Control cabinet panel

1. Oil pump switch is used to control the start and stop of oil pump. Before running, please start the oil pump to provide pressure for the hydraulic system. After the oil pump runs, note whether the oil pump runs in the same direction as the arrow. If not, please replace any two of the three phases in the oil pump motor with each other.

2. Cutting, back button is to control the operation of the cutter. If press the cut, return button are invalid, generally should consider whether the oil level of the hydraulic tank is too low, should give no tank to add hydraulic oil. In addition, in the process of cutting and returning, the limit switch running in front of the cutter will stop automatically.

3. Forward and backward operation is controlled by inverter, and its speed can be controlled by the high-speed/low-speed switch on the panel. Be sure to place the speed switch at high speed during automatic operation.

roll forming machine

4. The user should first set the length value and plan number, then select the operation option by the [select] button, and then press the [ok] button to realize automatic operation. Start operation when completion is less than planned and the system runs until the two are equal. When the completion number is greater than or equal to the planned number, start the operation, and automatically stop after rolling one board and cutting. Press reset to stop.

5. If the main engine does not run after starting the operation, the display screen will display the upper arrow, indicating that the cutting knife does not reach the upper limit. If the main engine does not run at a low speed 150mm before stopping, the rolling accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

6. During the first rolling test, please do not open the oil pump to avoid losses caused by wrong length. After the first piece is rolled, press the reset key, and then measure its actual length with a ruler. Generally, there is an error between the length of the first piece rolled and the length set by the user. After adjusting the error, cut the first piece with the "cut down" button and "return" button on the panel. When there is a fixed deviation between the displayed length and the actual length, the user can adjust it by the following methods: for example: the set length is 2000mm, the actual length is 1998mm, set the set length to 2002mm, so the actual length is still 2000mm.

7. In the automatic operation, if temporary stop is required, press the "ok" button. At this time, the system pauses and remembers the length rolled out. If it runs again, press "ok" again. In operation, if the key [reset] is pressed, the length of the rolled plate will not be remembered. It needs to be set in the item [progress].

8. Manual option is used for debugging the machine, and users do not need to operate it. Manual options in the Settings, directly related to the measurement accuracy, users can not easily modify.